Who will abandon mirrorless first?

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Re: no one will abandon mirrorless

CAcreeks wrote:

AlphaTikal wrote:

No one will abandon mirrorless. How do you come to the conclusion anyone would?

I live in the US, where companies or divisions that continually lose money eventually go out of business.

Interesting that we have more vehicle manufacturers in the world now than ever before, and many of them are doing well. But nearly everybody in a (semi)developed country needs a car, whereas cameras are a luxury item.


That will apply to any camera. The key point about mirrorless vs mirrored is about the future of digital photography.

Mirrors came about as a means to be able to see through the lens. PDAF and metering were added contraption to further the benefits. With digital, AF and metering can be done off sensor and being improved continually, which takes us back to 1985 when mirrored PDAF was launched with Minolta Alpha 7000. The challenge has been to be able to match, if not beat, the AF performance of mirrored system developed over last three decades. We seem to be seeing possibilities of focal plane AF being able to not only match but also beat the mirrored AF (Sony Alpha 6000, for example). We may still have a bit to go, but sooner or later, things only get faster and more digital.

The lone argument left would be from the few who refuse to give up OVF. But, people like me who never adopted that path with digital photography do not have to worry, and new generation of photographers has different priorities. Eventually, the benefits pre-1985 are going to dissipate as well.

Hence, I see no reason for anybody to give up mirror-less developments. What we may see is brand consolidations/takeovers (Pentax has already gone through it, Olympus has been a point of interest to Sony since 2012 now having a significant stake in its digital imaging division).

So, it is not a matter of not furthering mirrorless, rather when those who are not yet there but are major players in photography get more serious about it.

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