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Re: what about mirrorbox probs

Reservoir_Dog wrote:

This week im gonna have the camera, but i still can undo the purchase.

Why? Well, because of this:


Its worrying me.... Im an amateur, and its a lot of money, and for this price, it must be a perfect tool for me (for less money too lol, it has to be good anyways)

The mirror box issues are a reality.  That is why Canon has put out a service advisory.

For some, it's been quite an issue.  For others, they say none.

I'm on my 4th 1DX which is a "9".
I've had two "5"s  and an "8" fail on my completely.

After 10,000 shots my current "9" has been to Canon 3 times already,  It was returned again last Wed. and sent back to me with debris AFTER CPS cleaned it.

I then sent it back again and the technician not only cleaned the sensor but ALSO cleaned the "Mirror Box" I will have it today by 3:00PM EST.

When the mirror box goes you cannot focus.

I shoot sports in warm climates and some say this breaks down the lubrication in the mirror box, but I've also had a 1DX fail in NYC in moderate weather using single shot.

Bottom line... it's a great camera for sports and low light situations where banding used to be an issue with shadows and blacks.

IF I were you and I did not have a big investment in Canon glass, I'd look at the Nikon D4S vs the 1DX.  I happen to like Canon but I never had the D4S to compare things to.  At least you have a valid choice.

If you buy the 1DX make sure you join CPS and buy enough equipment to get the platinum service to start.  You'll get 10 clean and checks, they pay shipping both ways which is expensive when you have to insure the camera for $7,000 and you'll also get a BIG discount on repairs when your equipment is out of warranty.

If you've got deep enough pockets for the 1DX consider the following

  1. Get two more batteries
  2. Get fast 64GB cards if you shoot sports, they are cheap now and at 12fps they fill up fast
  3. Get two 600 flashes - wait for Canon to offer a trigger that has focus beam use one 600 on the camera and the other off.
  4. Get the f/2.8 70-200 IS USM II - it is a work horse, fast focus and built to last
  5. Pick the f/2.8 300 or 400 mm IS USM II as a solid prime if you shoot sports
  6. The 1.4 and 2.0 TC III's go well with the 300 and 400. Less degradation with the 1.4
  7. Your first walk around lens in the 24-70 range is a very personal choice.  Borrow one form CPS when you join to see if you like it.
  8. A 35 or 50 mm prime is almost a must. A good one at 1.2 or 1.4
  9. Get a back-up body for your 1DX.  If you shoot sports and will have light at 8fps the 7D is a good backup.  New ones can be had for a song now. If light will be an issue you'll need another choice as the 7D will NOT offer the DR or IQ without good light.
  10. As for a wide lens for sports I've never needed more/less than a 17-55 on the 7D or the 24-70 on the 1DX.  

I hope these ten points help you to start to put together your basic kit


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