Getting really excited about a77 II

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Re: Mirrorless pls

Edward Sargent wrote:

enemjii wrote:

Edward Sargent wrote:

If you have old lenses don't wish for a mirrorless A77 II. Current issues with current phase detect would render them to only MF mode.

Hey Sarge, why would this be the case?

I was told, by a Sony employee, that testing has shown that older lenses require more power than the mirror-less can supply. This may require an adapter with it's own battery or require a battery grip. There is another issue that he explained, I understood at the time but it was so over my head I have forgotten what it was. I will add that he expected the A77 II to be SLT and had no clue on the A99 replacement.

I don't assign much credibility to a sales person. The LA-EA2  adapater + A-mount lenses on a mirrorless body seems to be working just fine. Battery life seems to be ok.

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