Anyone else want a Stylus 1 minus EVF?

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Re: Anyone else want a Stylus 1 minus EVF?

illissius wrote:

To visually substantiate what I mean, here's the side view of the Stylus 1. See how much smaller the whole package becomes with the EVF sliced off (green line)? Going further, you can also imagine the absence of the flip-screen (red line). Suddenly you have a camera that's dramatically smaller, in a different size-class altogether, while still keeping the same optics.

Basically I want a camera that's smaller than the Stylus 1, with the same optics as the Stylus 1.

Looking at the diagram, if I could design a smaller Stylus1 for me, it would be nice if the EVF could flip up, to allow the camera to be narrower.  If the VF-2/VF-3 were actually usable with polarized sunglasses, then having the accessory port would be an option (ala the XZ-1 or Pens), but unfortunately that isn't in the cards.

I probably will never use the flippy lcd either, so eliminating that could also save some space (or at least bring back a more usable flipping LCD like I had on the E-5). It would be nice if it was weather sealed as well. I do wonder if there would have been a way to move the pop-up flash taller when it is popped up (without using an external flash), since it is very close to the lens.

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