Looking for an alternative to Sony RX100ii that has Manual with auto-ISO

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Re: Looking for an alternative to Sony RX100ii that has Manual with auto-ISO

I have to say, using Auto ISO with either A mode, or my favorite S mode (to avoid the too slow 1/30th) the RX100 selects a very successful combo of the other two parameters.

Watching the bottom info line, after setting your shutter speed, when you half press the shutter, it shows you the parameters it will use.

Using Auto ISO:

S mode: set 1/60th as your minimum for handheld (as I need to do).

You can then zoom some to change the f stop for more depth of field: you will see the f stop change as you zoom, no guessing. Now you have the shutter speed and aperture you want. Now you get Auto ISO. Want to know what it will be, half press the shutter.

In S or A mode: to avoid changing the zoom: change the exposure, brighter or darker. In S mode, it will now change the Aperture opening without zooming. You won't see the change until after you finish changing the exposure, but you will see it after you set it.

Now you have: chosen zoom, chosen speed, chosen exposure, chosen Aperture, and Auto ISO. Press shutter halfway to see what ISO it will use.

After practice it gets pretty intuitive.

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