Anyone else want a Stylus 1 minus EVF?

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Aaron Sur wrote:

Like several folks here have already said it's been released but not under the Olympus label.

same lens same sensor , better IBIS 5 axis as in the OMD EM-5

About viewfinders:
The last few years I have rarely used a viewfinder, even for airshows (red dot sight instead). I have literally NEVER been forced to use my Panasonic FZ viewfinders due to bright light, even though I have regularly used them in very bright conditions and direct sunlight.

I prefer peripheral vision and situational awareness, to peering through a restrictive viewfinder. I hold the camera out with both hands and the neck strap taut against the back of my neck to make a tension tripod, for stability. I actually find this MORE effective than holding camera to face, when panning with moving subjects.

The only time I have used the FZ viewfinder has been at sit-down indoor sporting events where it's intrusive for your neighbours, to hold your camera out (against its strap for stability)... and its times like that, that mean I must still have a VF...

Quite apart from that - the Stylus 1 screen seems a LOT more susceptible to bright light than my FZ's. I don't know why that is, but I have already been forced to use the EVF several tmes already, due to direct sunlight O_o

About that Casio:
Wow. I need to find out more about that. I could sure use a pocketable version of the Stylus 1. Cutting out the EVF, hotshoe and tilt screen would do nicely! (XZ-10 is almost there, but smaller sensor and not as much reach).

It wouldn't be a replacement for my Stylus 1, but complimentary. There are times I need Stylus 1's EVF, the option of teleconverter, and a hotshoe to mount a red dot sight in. Other times, I could use a pocketable camera... but I'd still like a decent reach, f2.8 constant max aperture, and a bigger sensor than the 1/2.3" we usually get at that size and/or zoom.

That Casio could be just the ticket... O_o It's a bit thick though, still has a tilt screen :-/

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