Who will abandon mirrorless first?

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Re: The tortoise and the hare

HappyVan wrote:

One hare (called Fuji) didn't try to finish in the top three. It was there for its fans. As it ran at a comfortable pace, it worked social media. It knew that when it got to the finish line, its fans would be there cheering.

Wait on.... it was there for its fans? They were, like, already there, just waiting for Fuji to make something? I don't think so. I (and most other Fuji adopters) were neutrals who liked the cut of their jib, thought we might give it a try.

As it has turned out, the Fuji X series have been really good fun to use - it's something people say time and again, "this [Fuji X] camera has put the fun back into photography". People don't become enthusiastic for no reason and they're certainly not forgiving of the odd brain-fart in Fuji's products - you should see the wailing and gnashing of teeth about even minor "suboptimal" features over in the Fuji forums.

Maybe you should give, say, an X-T1 a try for a couple of weeks? Tell us how awful it is once you've used it?

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