F8 25mm body cap lens please

Started Mar 10, 2014 | Discussions thread
OP Trollshavethebestcandy Contributing Member • Posts: 503
Re: F8 25mm body cap lens please

Anyone else think that a f8 50mm equivalent body cap lens for under $150 but still half way decent would be pretty sweet? Also I would want a ring instead of a lever that goes closed to open/near to far focus. Another thing.... Filter thread!!!! Some corner fall off is ok as long as it has a sharp center. Thinking an EPM2 with a 50mm OVF would be a fun B&W street shooter.

What you want is a 25mm pancake, not a bodycap lens.

It can be a pancake under 12mm thick in my imaginings without need of electronic contacts. Decent glass but cheap construction. Built in lens cap actuated on focus ring. A filter thread would make this so much cooler. Add a cheap plastic integral pull out lens hood?

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