Who will abandon mirrorless first?

Started Mar 10, 2014 | Polls thread
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I totally agree...

Martin.au wrote:

Why on earth would anyone abandon mirrorless?

When the crunch properly comes, having a more efficient and cheaper way to build cameras will be a significant competitive advantage.

I don't think even Canikon are likely to abandon mirrorless. They'll play it quite for a while to get as much gain from their existing systems as they can, but I would put money down that they're keeping their R&D department ticking over with research into technologies required for mirrorless (eg: 70d).

I'd be willing to bet that the mirrorless thing is definitely the future for the reasons stated.

Canon's and Nikon's ventures into the mirrorless game seemed kind of half hearted. Maybe because all of their energies were taken up by the DSLR cameras that they're so famous for, or maybe because they didn't really want to compete with those their own DSLR lines so much. Whatever the reason is, they definitely aren't so happening in the mirrorless sector of the market. When the whole market moves towards this technology (and I really see no reason that it won't), they're surely come out with another much better designed system that they'll give a bigger marketing push toward.... and they'll very well likely create a system that's as successful as their DSLR stuff is now, though this might take a several years for this all to happen.
The market moves so fast, with technology providing so many improvements every year that DSLRs as well as the state of the art mirrorless cameras made right now are ALL going to seem really clunky and low performance soon. Whatever type of system we have if we care about having the latest and greatest, we'll have to upgrade soon.

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