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The tortoise and the hare

The tortoise and the hare

Here's a variation on the classic story.

Once upon a time, there was a 30k race. The tortoise (called Canikon) had started early and was three quarters to the finish line. Eight hares arrived late at the start line, and sprinted onwards.

The tortoise had spotters keeping an eye on the hares. When the hares passed the 5K mark, the tortoise picked up speed. The tortoise was prepared to speed up further if the hares got within 10K. To sprint to the finish line if the race got competitive.

Contrary to popular folklore, the tortoise wasn't slow. It just preferred to move at a comfortable pace.

Some of the hares were overly competitive. They started racing against each other. Some were unfit, and would be winded. Some were unhealthy and would have a heart attack. Some would hit the dreaded 'wall' and finish with a whimper.

One hare (called Fuji) didn't try to finish in the top three. It was there for its fans. As it ran at a comfortable pace, it worked social media. It knew that when it got to the finish line, its fans would be there cheering.

Here's the important thing.

To the tortoise, the finish line was all important. It didn't matter what shoes it had to wear to get there. In fact, it was open minded on the matter.

To the hares, they were proud of their style. Boasting of why their shoes were the best. They were sure to win the race because of their special shoes.

This is the modern tale of the tortoise and the hare. Hopes this helps.

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