extremely affordable 4k (aka UHD) 28" displays coming as companion to your MP or rMBP

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Re: OS 10.9.3 brings UHD, 4k and beyond support

JF69 wrote:

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good news - >UHD support will be added before I finally get my Mac Pro :-/

(still waiting for my MP late 2013 to arrive)

I wonder if that can be hacked to allow the older Macs to run UHD off Mavericks too? For now for the older Macs you need to run an OS hack to unlock the graphics restriction and then you run another program to unlock the HiDPI retina scaling. I have perfect scaling (normal sized text and icons) at UHD with my Mac Mini right now under OS 10.8.

Would you share a link that explains how the hack is done please?
(I did some searching, but wasn't able to find relevant info, only other hacks)

Thanks in advance for any info you might wish to share.


It should be good for ones that have at least Intel 3000 or newer (chipsets known to be designed to handle UHD with no problem). Not sure what would happen on something older, at some point the gfx chipsets simply will be told out to be able to drive UHD and removing a clock limit won't help anything and no point in pushing the chips beyond the design only for a black screen. My 2012 model has the Intel 4000 in it.

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