Looking for an alternative to Sony RX100ii that has Manual with auto-ISO

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Re: Looking for an alternative to Sony RX100ii that has Manual with auto-ISO

AndyW17 wrote:

Does such a camera exist today? I'm definitely getting tired of having to manually over-ride the silly firmware in the RX100ii for shots where I'd be OK with higher ISO, but I have to work to get it.

Ideally, I'd like a camera of similar IQ and form factor, but without the 1/30 second default (with no over-ride) and especially the option to have Auto-ISO in Manual. I've done some searching, but as this is a bit obscure, it's difficult to find cameras with this feature. Perhaps some of you have come across this. There's so much I like about this camera, but again this weekend, it was FRUSTRATING to use quickly inside to grab a moment. Instead, lots of fiddling required…..

Sorry to keep talking about this issue on the forum, but I think I'm ready to look at alternatives.

Agreed that it is a shame the RX100 does not have auto ISO in M mode. Here is my work around.

I shoot in A mode with Auto ISO (200-1600)
I assigned ISO to the East side of the rear Control Wheel. So click E and turn for higher ISO/shutter speed.
But I mostly shoot outdoors so shutter speed is normally not an issue. Great pocket camera otherwise.

just 0.02

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