D4s still lacks wifi and gps!!!

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Re: D4s still lacks wifi and gps!!!

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Still lacks wifi and gps. Basic and features found on years old hundred quid compacts!!!! It concerns me how nikon Just doesn't get it. please can someone tell nikon it is no longer 2005

If you want a P&S hundred quid camera... buy one. If you want a swiss army knife, buy one... Many others have tried to make the point regarding the downside (and sometimes difficulty) with certain features low volume cameras so I'll stop there.

i hve not seen a single downside to intigrated wifi or gps. Both are really usefull features that should have been included years ago. the cost of inclusion would be negligable, unless of course you account for the lost money from sales of the massively overpriced Nikon wifi dongle!!


1) Two way connection means there's a way in, read TO HACK, the camera

2) As technology creeps along (right, creeps), today's standard soon becomes obsolete. If you buy cameras on the gee whiz factor, this may not be a big drawback but if you but it as a tool...

3) As someone else has already mentioned, if the wi-fi or gps malfunctions, you lose the whole camera during its repair

4) It adds cost some of us DO NOT WANT for features we will not use

5) It adds weight (a little bit here, a little bit there... adds up)

6) It adds size

7) It adds complexity impacting overall reliability

8) It does NOTHING for picture quality

Do you want me to go on....


1) Shut it off. This is no different than the dongle. Is be far more worried about my phone or computer than my camera.

Competitive pressure would take care of the size and weight concerns. There is plenty of opportunity to miniaturize components to make up for any added size or weight. Nikon would spend the R&D money to make this happen if they felt it was demanded by customers or if perhaps Canon adds it first to the 1Dx successor. Leica added GPS to the S body and there is no added size or weight or any drawback whatsoever.

As far as reliability concerns go, if you have a wifi or GPS failure, you wouldn't have to lose the camera to service unless you require those features. It sounds like you don't so why be concerned about their presence?

The cost of adding wifi or GPS would be negligible and would only require a price increase if Nikon wants to maintain equal margins. The D4s cost me more than the D4 did even without these features. Competition could take care of price concerns but probably won't since Nikon and Canon seem so conservative with updates and don't need a price war at this level of camera.

The standards argument is probably the weakest given that wifi chips remain backwards compatible and these cameras are refreshed like clockwork every several years. This reminds me of people complaining about new memory card standards. At this level of camera with so much effort put into speed and processing I can't imagine putting in my ten year old CF cards to bottleneck the whole thing.

You argue in circles...  if I don't use them, i wouldn't send it in for repair...  but I still PAY.  Shut it off... like the NSA doesn't spy through our turned off pc's...  You overestimate the number of units produced to bring down size and cost, and it's still bigger and more costly than if it's not there.  And on and on...

They'll make what they feel the market wants, so far...  I win, you lose.

No circles. If something fails that you don't use, it doesn't cause you any problems. This isn't untested or unproven technology with questionable reliability.

To your NSA point, there is no point in going down that road. You've already convinced yourself of the hacking threat for your DSLR.

The wifi and GPS equipment would add nothing noticeable in size or weight to a Dx sized body. This equipment is already in cameras and smaller devices and could be shared across Nikon's line. The market has already spoken and Nikon has created custom solutions that are more expensive and have more drawbacks for the user than would integrated ones.

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