Is stealth possible/desirable/ethical?

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Re: Is stealth possible/desirable/ethical?

RonFrank wrote:

Your street shots are entertaining. Thanks for posting!

If street shooting is ethical does not matter. Is it legal is the question. In some spots (France) shooting folks on the street requires permission. Why? Talk to those in power. I bet it has more to do with some muckety muck getting busted with his girlfriend by his wife! The celebs also like it I am sure. But with today's phones it is going to be difficult to notice if someone is taking your photo with a iphone.

But for most of the world shooting people in public is legal. That is what matters. The only question is if what you are doing is legal.

If you have an ethical dilemma that is up to you to figure out.

Love the attitude: "if [it's] ethical does not matter."  Here's hoping you enrage a 300 pound Samoan who doesn't like to have his picture taken.

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