Canon EOS 70D vs. Nikon D7100

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Re: Canon EOS 70D vs. Nikon D7100

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Hi all,

I am planning to buy a camera for use with Real Estate photos and I have concluded on two options.

Canon EOS 70D

Nikon D7100

Which one would be better do you think? I really like the WIFI functionality of Canon but I understand I can do that with Nikon D7100 somehow?

However, Nikon makes the D5300, cheaper than either and with the same sensor as the D7100, which gives better DR than the 70D.

The D5300 doesn't have the same sensor as the D7100. It has the new Sony 24MP sensor (not the same as the old one in the NEX-7) which has better DR and less pattern noise than the Toshiba sensor in the D7100.

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Bob, D5300 gives if fact 11bit raw files in 12 bit container as only half the levels of the histogram are populated even at the dark linear part. So the most DR it can handle (in DxO screen ) is 12.8 stops* and this is it's screen-DR score in DxO ..

* Quantization stdev is at the best scenario (rounding model) 0.289

Sounds like the sensor is indeed more capable but the raw format used is the limiting factor.

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