At what size of print out of D700 will show the same quality as that of D600.

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Re: At what size of print out of D700 will show the same quality as that of D600.

ebuddha wrote:

foto2021 wrote:

There appear to be some gross assumptions implicit in the above figures. The principal assumption would seem to be that the greater number of pixels of the D600 sensor versus the D700 sensor is fully reflected in the quality of the output.

my comments were not related to the quality of the pixels, noise characteristics of the sensor nor its dynamic range....nor lens choice or shooting technique. but rather respond to his question about comparing the print output between to cameras,

Ceteris paribus

in the old days you had to take an econ class to know what that means - but today, you can look it up on google.

Yes, if only life were so simple.

As a Latin scholar (albeit some years ago) my translation of Ceteris paribus is "all other things remaining equal". Sadly, your gross assumption would appear to require at least one thing NOT being equal, which is the resolution of the lens.

Perhaps you are an exceptionally busy person and you could not find the time to read and digest the rest of my reply. I repeat it below in the hope that you will one day not only read and digest it, but understand it, which would of course would have avoided the wasted time inherent in sending a rushed reply to something you have either not read, did not digest, or do not understand.

My apologies for the use of the Oxford comma to add emphasis.

If only life were so simple.

You can improve the image quality of any DSLR by using a higher quality lens (a lens with greater resolution). That's without changing the pixel count at all.

On the other hand, using the same lens on a DSLR whose a sensor has a higher pixel count will improve image quality, but not to the degree suggested by the ratio of the greater pixel count to the lesser. For example, using the same lens on a D600 as you used on the D700 could mean that the improvement in image quality was substantially less than would be suggested by the doubling in pixel count.

To obtain the full benefit of the doubling in pixel count, the linear (lp/mm) resolution of the lens used on the D600 would need to be approximately 1.42 times better than the lens that was used on the D700. Even that is a gross assumption ... but it is a rather more reliable assumption than one based solely on counting pixels without taking anything else into account.

Perhaps another way of looking at this issue would be to ask why so many professional shooters can deliver better image quality from a 16 MP Nikon D4 than their amateur counterparts with a 36 MP Nikon D800. The answer is, it's more complicated than you think.

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