Nikon Should launch great Camera(FF Small Body) before Fuji launch FF

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Re: Lens Size Issue with FF Mirrorless

I know it seems like everyone wants a FF mirrorless for size and weight convenience...but while the body can shrink, the problem is the lenses.

First off, I think Nikon would want to leverage its F mount and so any mirrorless would use the F mount.  But many, if not most F mount lenses are so large that they make the smaller body a moot point.

Even if Nikon designed a new lens mount system, the problem would still exist: AF FF lenses tend to be larger, and so you face a tradeoff. It's the same problem Sony is having now with their FF mirrorless. Either the lenses are too big to be practical on a small body, or else the lens is slow, or else you don't include AF.  There is no such thing as a free lunch.

So right now the problem exists in that how do you create a practical sized full lens system for a FF mirrorless body?

As for the Df, no one knows how much it has sold, but it clearly has not been a failure.

As for Fuji, their XT1 does indeed seem like a sweet camera, and they have built up a good lens system.  I don't think Fuji is going to do FF anytime in the future for the same reasons listed above.

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