Anyone with a Zeiss Ikon M-mount RF camera?

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Re: Anyone with a Zeiss Ikon M-mount RF camera?

Daedalus2000 wrote:

RStyga wrote:

Daedalus2000 wrote:

RStyga wrote:

I'm afraid you're wrong on both counts.

How can he be wrong with respect to the 6-bit coding of the Leica, when the 6-bit was only recently introduced? How did Leica cameras select framelines before that? Did you not think of that?

I am always surprised how people ask for help, and then they are so sure that they know the answers better than the people who try to help them....

True, I am wrong about the 6-bit coding including frameline info; I was thinking the digital Leicas but, again, it is not used for frameline encoding. JD was wrong that ZI M has no automatic frameline system. So, as people try to help without caring much about the accuracy of the info they supply, you should be hardly surprised that I am skeptical of the accuracy of the info they supply when answering a question.

Understood. Now my turn to give you some info (but with uncertainty!)

I do not know a lot about the Zeiss Ikon, but I remember reading once that it brings the same frame lines as an M.

With respect to your other question, the Voigt 40mm brings the 50mm lines on my M. The framelines are chosen by the lens flange so it should be deterministic based on the lens you use, unless of course you modify the flange.

Take everything I said above with a pinch of salt as I am a newcomer to leica cameras and lenses.

Best, D

Thanks, useful to know that 40->50 on a Leica. Unfortunately, although ZM (aka ZI) is generally a better RF on almost all practical counts than all film RF Leicas (I'm expecting an attack now, being in a Leica forum), it is not easy to get hold of one in a store to try things out. I believe it is out of production since 2012. I have a ZI SW but it is not an RF so I'm in the dark.

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