Nikon Should launch great Camera(FF Small Body) before Fuji launch FF

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Re: Nikon Should launch great Camera(FF Small Body) before Fuji launch FF

Maverick2007 wrote:

jfriend00 wrote:

You seem to forget that it will take a long time for Fuji to have a competitive FF lens lineup. I have no idea if Fuji will bring out FF cameras at some point - I personally hope they keep perfecting the APS-C lineup (bodies and lenses) for awhile longer before getting diluted by a FF effort, but Nikon need be in no hurry to worry about that because it will be a long time before a Fuji FF + lens lineup are competitive together and Nikon would have plenty of time to respond if Fuji did something interesting.

The more interesting question is whether a smaller FF product (like the size of Sony 7r) is something that would sell a lot for Nikon and what tech should Nikon use to deliver it (dSLR vs. mirrorless, F-mount vs. new lens mount, etc...).

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Dear John,

Somewhat I disagree with your comments. Fuji came from nowhere to X100 and X100S and then X-T1. I think Nikon is underestimating Fuji here. Although Fuji launched before some SLRs but they were not that popular but looking at X-T1, certainly Nikon should be worried as Fuji is eating up APS-C camera sale.

Looks at X-T1, almost everywhere its Out of Stock.

X100 and X100s are fixed lens cameras. Is the Sony RX1 killing Nikon FF sales? I don't think so, so the fixed lens cameras don't seem to be hurting Nikon.

When a camera is out of stock that ONLY means that it appears to be selling more than the company is making. There can be lots of reasons for that. It could be that Fuji simply didn't make very many of them initially or is having manufacturing problems or sent most of their initial inventory to other countries. It does NOT necessarily mean that the camera is selling in a volume that is anything more than a blip to Nikon. You really don't know that info unless you have actual sales numbers for both the XT-1 and relevant Nikon cameras.

The day Fuji comes out with a FF interchangeable lens body, it will have no more impact than the Sony 7 and 7r (actually probably less of an impact because Sony has a lot more distribution than Fuji) and the Sony doesn't seem to be killing Nikon in any way.

So, I think you jumping to a conclusion that Fuji would put the hurt on Nikon the moment they came out with a FF interchangeable lens camera is a bit of an exaggeration. If they make very good cameras, they could have an impact over time as they also build a lens lineup (e.g. 2-3 after launch). Nikon would have plenty of time to respond if they deemed it important to respond. That is the power of having such a big FF lens lineup both available in the stores and already owned by so many photographers.

All that said, I am impressed with what Fuji is doing in the APS-C market (I own a Fuji X-E1) and I do think it is probably starting to impact Nikon's APS-C sales or potential sales (just a guess, I don't have sales numbers for either one). But, keep in mind that is now several years after they started their X series APS-C effort and lens lineup. This didn't happen overnight with the introduction of a single product and a single lens.

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