Anyone with a Zeiss Ikon M-mount RF camera?

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Re: Anyone with a Zeiss Ikon M-mount RF camera?

leopardskin wrote:

RStyga wrote:

I'm considering getting a Zeiss Ikon (ZM) but has reservations about its automatic frameline system. I'd prefer a manual frameline selection system like in Bessa cameras. I'm just worried that if I attach a lens and for some reason the camera selects the wrong framelines, I won't be able to override that. There is a lever for manual override but I read it's only for preview, not a permanent override. I know Leica uses a 6-bit encoding automatic frameline system but I have no idea what Zeiss Ikon ZM uses.

Ikon uses same system as Leica M9 or older (not sure about the newer ones): mechanical coupling with lens. If the wrong frameline is selected than it is a problem of the lens (or adapter).

The override is used just to "preview" what would the scene look with different framelines - it's spring so as soon as you release it, it jumps back into the correct position. I think that on Ikon you can preview in both directions but on Leica only in one (I might be wrong).

The ZM automatic selector has provision for 28/35/50/85 only. So, what will happen if you attach a 40mm or a 75mm Voigtlander lens on a ZM? What framelines will come up?

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