Anyone with a Zeiss Ikon M-mount RF camera?

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Re: Anyone with a Zeiss Ikon M-mount RF camera?

Daedalus2000 wrote:

RStyga wrote:

I'm afraid you're wrong on both counts.

How can he be wrong with respect to the 6-bit coding of the Leica, when the 6-bit was only recently introduced? How did Leica cameras select framelines before that? Did you not think of that?

I am always surprised how people ask for help, and then they are so sure that they know the answers better than the people who try to help them....

True, I am wrong about the 6-bit coding including frameline info; I was thinking the digital Leicas but, again, it is not used for frameline encoding. JD was wrong that ZI M has no automatic frameline system. So, as people try to help without caring much about the accuracy of the info they supply, you should be hardly surprised that I am skeptical of the accuracy of the info they supply when answering a question.

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