Needed an every day camera..

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Re: Needed an every day camera..

I've read all of your answers.
I must say the image quality and the price of the Eos M are very tempting.
It does bother me a bit they discontinued it.
though I don't plan to spend much on it.
all the money will go towards equipment for the DSLR.
is the J2 bad , that it didn't took off?
Or is it just that it was overpriced like you said?
and how is the J1?

Maybe I'll simplify it by telling more about my habits.
well , I do take about 20-40% (it varies from time to time) of my photos at night , so I would like to
have some peace of mind, that I don't have to think twice before taking out this future camera.

I'll probably shoot portraits , and different everyday situation , that I can't with the DSLR for all kinds of reasons.
The DSLR will be used for planned trips , journeys and special projects.

It doesn't have to fit the pocket , just small enough so it can go in to my "student's backpacks" , or have a leash or a small bag of it's own.
(though the smaller the better).

as for the RX100/2 .
the 2 is out of my price range in this case.
the 1 , is possible.
any real world images?

And the LX 7 maybe?

Though I have some 2nd , thought about it.

I still have an old FZ40 from Panasonic .

I hated it when It was new , and I hate it now.

I did taught me the basics. but the image quality was poor.                                                       and over 400 iso , it was nosier that an AC/DC concert..

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