Considering a move to Pentax..............

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Re: Considering a move to Pentax..............

Patience my son, it's Sunday and not a busy forum time............

As for your question, Your Zuiko lenses are of course excellent, but then your DSLR sensor is getting older tech. Nevertheless I am sure you would still get wonderful images with RAW files and careful use, just like the rest of us.

If you do wish to change, then Pentax build wonderful aps-c bodies and the DA lens line up is just fine for your needs. The DA 50-135 is a peach, also the 60-250. In the smaller wide zooms, the 16-50 gets good wraps from most of its users but I went with the Sigma 17-50 which gets big wraps. I also have the DA 12-24, which is of course a very versatile and sharp lens also.

Being concerned the glass is not quite as good as your Zuiko's is like thinking your old BMW engine is real nice, but a new car will have so many more benefits. If your that enamoured with your zuiko glass, stick with it, but all relevant Pentax, Sigma, Samyang etc glass will bring sufficient optical results to keep you happy.

Then of course how do you use your camera? In RAW getting the optimal sharpness from your files? or a jpeg shooter? and don't do any PP? Shooting jpeg and no PP and being worried about your lens sharpness wouldn't make quite so much sense either. Also even though Zuiko's are sharp, how are they with flare, colour rendition, distortion and CA's ? many a person nit picks over lens sharpness when so many other factors will make a particular lens their favourite....

Lens tests are good to a certain level, then sometimes it's trial and error depending on your preferences and requirements. DA's in varying focal lengths are very good lenses.

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