extremely affordable 4k (aka UHD) 28" displays coming as companion to your MP or rMBP

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Re: Wide - Gamut trumps resolution for Photography.

joger wrote:

the speakers in the Apple LED Cinema display (including the built in subwoofer) are very fine - to be honest extremely fine - and I guess it adds some 20 or 30 USD to the BOM.

Try to look at it that way - the space you loose on your desktop by installing 2 external speakers can be invested in real estate on the screen side.

Well it all depends on your setup. All I can say is no way any little monitor speakers are replacing my set of NHT Threes and Absolute Zeroes set of 5 speakers plus a subwoofer (or the Yamaha mini-system I used to plug into). Or Sennheiser HD650 earphones and Benchmark DAC1 PRE.

I'd still bet you find external, inexpensive, tiny things that would do better than any monitor speakers too even if you needed to go small and simple.

But then again having right in the monitor is easy and convenient so I'm sure some would prefer that and I get why you like it. Myself I just hate wasting money and having them possibly cheap out on some image feature just to get speakers in the screen.

USB 3.0 is working perfectly fine on my MACs - no need for checking drivers - that's one of the reasons why I've never wanted Windows in my private play ground.

Windows and Mac both have plenty of annoying issues. Unfortunately the better system got driven out of business due to incompetent management mixed with dirty tricks from the big boys (sometimes with help from seemingly directly bribed out computer press).

I am used to excellent speakers - yet on the computer I am utterly happy with the built in speakers of my LED CD - they do what I expect them to do - not that bad - really!! If I'd buy speakers it would be something like that:


a bit exceeding my 1500 x 750 mm (~ 60 x 30 inch) USM Haller granite desktop and surely exceeding the space of many other's desktops too

It all depends upon your setup and what you are willing to do to get stuff a place to sit and how much ease of transport and so on you need. Those look pretty decent, myself I'd find a way to make them fit hah. But it all depends.

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