EM-1 abilty to focus in confusing foliage

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Brian Wadie
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EM-1 abilty to focus in confusing foliage

As I was processing a set of images from our local Heronry this morning I remembered reading somewhere that the EM-1 was not so good at auto focusing on birds inside or behind complex foliage so I thought this picture + a detail crop may be of interest

Our Heronry is in a mass of Scots Pine Trees and is shared by Herons and Egrets, which have a habit of nesting in the deepest and most complex bits of the foliage (I guess its safer that way)

It can make seeing them difficult, let alone getting a shot so I was quite pleased to manage a series of this Egret shifting about inside the tree

Shot using SAF with the smallest central single point active at 300mm (no magnification of the focus point) it picked up and locked on the bird without problem (EVF used rather than screen)

100% crop showing the eye

This wasn't a one-off, they were all like this

(It is of course highly possible that my memory has failed me yet again and that everyone is now aware just how well the EM-1 can manage this difficult focus task, if so, I'm sure you will all tell me )

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