D4s still lacks wifi and gps!!!

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Re: D4s still lacks wifi and gps!!!

Sad thing is my $400 GoPro Hero 3+ & $750 Panasonic GX-7 have built-in Wi-FI and my D4 $5500+ does not.  I played with my friend's 6d with the iPhone app and the feature comes very handy in many situations.

I have used the Go Pro and GX-7 on a Shur line paint pole with Kacey pole adaptor(use loctite btw) in many situations where I needed a higher perspective.  being able to get a feed of the camera sensor allows precise framing.  very useful.

GPS would be another bonus feature.  I would love to have Lightroom mapping feature show all the photos based on location from GPS data embedded in all my images.

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Still lacks wifi and gps. Basic and features found on years old hundred quid compacts!!!! It concerns me how nikon Just doesn't get it. please can someone tell nikon it is no longer 2005

I'm with you; it's asinine that either of these "features" are excluded from any DSLR released over the past several years. Unless it's a bare-bones $300 model where every corner is cut in the name of cost -- which, ironically, are the only Nikon models getting these features!

The ignorance in this thread is stunning. GPS is only for "girls posting selfies to Facebook?" How about easy geotagging of landscape photos shot in remote areas? Because Nikon declined to include an incredibly cheap GPS chip in the D610 (couldn't they have at least used it as a good cover for the fact this model is just a non-defective D600?), I now have to record my GPS track to a file on my phone, then try to sync the track file with photo timestamps later. Thanks, Nikon. And last I checked, I'm not shooting "girlie selfies" or concerned about posting to social media from the field.

As for wi-fi, that's more debatable given some of the issues raised here. Still, it ought to be included. I shot with a Canon 6D up until a couple months ago, and the ability to remote control with a smartphone was very handy in certain situations.

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