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Re: Stabilisation

rz350 wrote:

Someone asked why I had SIS enabled on my EP-5 because this seemed to cause the shutter shock at 1/250 sec (vertical movement of the photo) with my 9-18 lens and which did not occur on either my e-pm1 or gf-3. Question? How many Olympus users regardless of camera turn the stabilisation off and only use it in low light situations?

How many like me leave it on all the time?

I used my E-PM1 with it always enabled and can't complain about the the results. It has other failings, but IS wasn't one of them.


I leave it on almost all the time.  I do a lot of wildlife/bird photography where sitting birds move or fly requiring quick changes is shutter speed (shutter preferred) and there is no time to turn on or off the IBIS, since I am busy changing shutter speeds and exposure with the two dials.  I did tests with my E5 with IBIS on and off at various shutter speeds and could never see any negative effect.  I haven't repeated the tests yet with the E-M1, but it is simple to do with a good test pattern and I will probably eventually repeat the tests with it.  When I am using my 12-60 lens with high shutter speeds in daylight, I sometimes turn it off.

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