Moving Objects - Birds, Cars, Airplanes

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Moving Objects - Birds, Cars, Airplanes

I have a 70D and 70-300L lens.

I'm not convinced the lens is focusing fast enough (I've had repairs done on the lens) but it's easy to pass the blame.

I'll try to break down the various settings and see if we can come up with some viable combinations.

I use the viewfinder so for the purposes of this discussion LV is omitted. Please abide and don't lecture on this if LV is your preference.

I would prefer to use single point center. With cars and airplanes that's not too difficult as the path of travel is very predictable. However, with birds that's not the case. I've tried single point center as well as 9 point center. Obviously, 9 point center is easier for tracking but it tougher to use when there's a background.

First we have Single-Shot and AI-Servo.

Sometimes I might try for one shot and picking up the subject is easy. One-Shot may be ok. However, sometime picking up the subject is a problem as it's so far out of focus that I cannot or barely se it thru the viewfinder. When I'm able to pick up the subject and shoot a single shot I seem to do ok.

Now over to AI-Servo. The subject slides (yes slides and doesn't jump) into focus. A single shot seems to yield fairly decent results... Sometimes.

I should put something in here. Until now I've been using IS Mode 1 which I have now determined is the wrong IS mode for tracking using I-Servo. Next time out I'll switch to IS Mode 2 that's intended for tracking. Could this be the only cause of my problems? Maybe but I'll have to wait and see next time I'm out.

Now onto Continuous Shooting. I assume that either AI-Servo will continuously keep things in focus or the camera will refocus between each shot. I'm not sure which is the case.

This is where the problem exists. I very seldom get in-focus shots using continuous shooting. Maybe I should write that I seldom get sharp shots using continuous shooting. Maybe there's a reason other than focus. My shutter speed is fast enough as depending upon the subject I'll use between 1/800 to 1/2500 second.

Back to what I wrote earlier. I'm not convinced the lens is focusing fast enough. Especially between shots in continuous shooting mode.

I should bring up something else here for AI-Servo.

I've read the manual several times on Autofocus for AI-Servo. Pages 368 - 370.

I've tried several settings for Tracking Sensitivity and Acceleration/decelaration tracking but put both of these back to 0 as too many things at once just cause more issues.

I have switched AI Servo 1st Image priority and 2nd Image priority to Focus from equal. That's where they are currently set.

At the end of the day, I don't see why I cannot get a burst of photos (2 - 6) to be sharp.

Any and all relevant comments on any of the above are requested and welcome.

I'd really like to see what those who are successful (especially with the same camera and lens) do in terms of settings and shooting.

Thanks for reading the lengthy post.

Canon EOS 70D
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