D700 - Where to go next?

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Re: D700 - Where to go next?


I have been shooting my D600 extensively at ISO shooting nationally ranked HS basketball teams.

The only weakness is that in a game, the AF could be better, probably not as good as the D700.

Extraordinary camera otherwise.

vs. Df....my opinions, not having used the DF:

D600 probably has better dynamic range

D600 probably outresolves the Df

Df is less noisy at high ISO's

Df is "cuter."

I think Nikon put a consumer grade AF in the D600 (and a few other cripples) , so that it didn't become so good that nobody bought the D800.  The results are fantastic.

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Currently shooting aD300s, a D200, D70 and N50. Have a 'F.'
Also shooting with Konica 35mm SLRS (T3 and FT-1) with numerous Hexanon Lenses. Printer: Canon i9900.

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