EM1 42.5 f/1.2 random shots Birthday Party...

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Re: EM1 42.5 f/1.2 random shots Birthday Party...

highwave wrote:

what's really surprising for me is how the E-M1 managed to keep the ISO so low while the A7r pumped it up way beyond the 2 stop advantage limit.

Honestly if FF made cameras that were just as good as m43 but with FF IQ I would consider it. But with this performance of current FF mirrorless I really can't see any reason to even consider it let alone go for it one day.

Also, could you please comment in general on how you find the Sony 55mm sharpness compared to the 42.5mm when it actually does focus? I really want to know if the 55mm really is that good or is it DxO miscalculation hype.

One last note, I know you're a JPEG only user and I'm like you, but even I would shoot RAW if I were using the A7r. Sony reputation for JPEG is horrible.You're probably missing out on a whole lot because of it.

Thats whats crazy? Why can't the all powerful LIGHT GATHERING holy grail of cameras AF in that kind of light?

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