A7r 24-70 at 70mm vs EM1 12-40 at 40mm (80mm EFL)

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Re: Some crops with Olympus resized to 36 MP

Laszlo13 wrote:

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viking79 wrote:

I hope you don't mind me using heavy crops of your photos, I deleted them off computer when done. My example is much better shown than said...

Here is why I like larger sensor. It only looks bad at the pixel level (besides the top edge, I think your lens is faulty) because the A7R has so many more pixels. If you resize the Olympus to be fair. Simply import into Lightroom and export Olympus and Sony at Long Edge of 7360 (this makes the olympus slightly more than 36 MP since it is 4x3 ratio, but have to pick to convert to 4x6 or 3x4 crop.

The A7R is on the left in all these... Tell me, which do you think is resolving more detail?

Look at board grain in background

Upper right isn't too bad on your 24-70

Look at grass detail

Thank you for inputting some sanity into this thread, with a very competent post. One of the best comparison posts I have ever seen.

Remarkable how the A7R+24-70mm combo outclasses (!!) the Oly E-M1+12-40mm. I would like to see the A7 or maybe A6000 in this mix as well ...no contest whatsoever .

Thank you for thread starter to provide the picture material, even though his intention was to show how good m43 are in comparison

See below...lol...folks ain't as dumb as others look...

I really appreciated the comparison as well. I agree with the upsizing (or alternative downsizing) procedure. After all, I wanted to understand how the A7R with 24-70 would compare to E-M1 12-40 for an equivalent sized print. I, however, don't find the difference quite as remarkable. I expected a bigger advantage to the FF sensor / lens. After all, there's a lot of advantage to the m4/3 gear (size especially lens size, focusing speed, IBIS, etc.). Still, if one is after the best IQ - then obviously Sony wins out (between these 2 anyway).

+1 really amazing how close the 1/4 size sensor gets to the FF sensor, then yesterday the A7r and FE 55 would not even AF inside a well lit room indoors and the EM1 w/ 42.5 f/1.2 worked like a pro camera...unbelievable...BUT I should have turned on Face Detection and maybe Eye Start AF, have never had to use it before but the A7R may be a first due to lacking AF ability...Sad due to the stellar FE 55 would have gotten some great shots I am sure...not it's fault though, the camera just couldn't lock AF...

Lots of these folks saying upsizing/downsizing...etc...lol...DPR review utilizes 100% comparison tool...Image Rsources...and many of the web based reviewers...

100% = 100%...I ain't politically correct like the rest of these folks...lol...

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