Switch from Windows to OSX? (mostly for Lightroom)

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Re: Switch from Windows to OSX? (mostly for Lightroom)

Russell Evans wrote:

turnstyle wrote:

The SAMSUNG ATIV Book 9 is actually what started me on the path that (surprisingly to me) wound up leading me to a retina MacBook.

Basically, hi-dpi just doesn't seem consistently ready on Win 8.1 -- some things work, some things don't -- and I just didn't feel like dealing with it.

OK, makes sense. My issue is that since you are seeing your files though a manipulation of pixels, this makes me a little uneasy about the reality of what I'm seeing. I understand the relationship of one to one when viewing at 100% on a normal monitor, but I don't understand the relationship when viewing 100% on a Retina display.

Here's what I gather...

The retina display has 2880x1800 pixels, and its recommended display size is an effective 1440x900 (though you can run it at other sizes with some caveats). So, in some ways, it's like it combines 4 pixels to make 1. This is most useful for applications that have not updated interface elements (as they can simply be doubled).

When you're viewing an image at 1:1, I think you'll just see a smaller image as compared to what you would see on a lower res display. But you can certainly still zoom further in to see the pixels as squares in the image if you want to.

If I got something wrong, I'm happy to be corrected!

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