A7R light leak, are you guys serious? Get real.

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Re: What is promising is Sony's response

My korean is not that good but Google translate helps a lot translating the next site: http://www.slrclub.com/bbs/vx2.php?id=minolta_forum&no=833959.

In a nut shell my findings when reading the translation and interpret the photos:

The possible lightleak is caused by a black plastic ring/shim which is mounted in the E-mount assembly just behind the metal front ring/plate of the mount.

The plastic rings is held in place by the four screws you see when dismounting the four screws and the 1st metal ring. The light leak is due to the fact that the plastic ring is not all flush with the first and second metal ring and the chassis. It seems that the four screws do not apply enough pressure to keep the plastic ring all flush against the second metal ring and the chassis.

According to my opinion there area few possibilities which can cause the leak:

- too few screws to hold the two metal rings and one plastic ring all flush against the chassis

- the plastic rings thickness is out of tolerance

- the plastic ring is not straight enough and acts like a spring which pushes the ring to cause a light gap

- the screws are placed in the wrong assembly order or

- the individual screws are placed with too many/less force

- a combination of the above

What frustrates me is that it is probably all known by Sony since the production of the nex 7 started because the NEX7 shows exact the same problem though the sensor is smaller and the design bug is therefore much less visible.

The disassembled A7 parts are the same as used in the NEX7

maybe someone with both the Nex7 and a7 sparepart list can approve/check

I did not diassemble my a7 to check

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