extremely affordable 4k (aka UHD) 28" displays coming as companion to your MP or rMBP

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Re: Wide - Gamut trumps resolution for Photography.

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If the color spectrum is not wide gamut, all the pixels in the world will not reveal what is in your raw files and your post processing will never be correct.

fully agree - you need a wide gamut display to do that and not a single Apple display is currently a wide gamut display!!

As a photographer the target should always be to have a display that has as least as much color gamut as all the other devices you're syncing up with. Then proofing is possible and you actually see what you're doing and you can judge your workflow.

The before mentioned UHD displays are more or less all sRGB color gamut with two exceptions - the 31,5 inch Samsung and LG are wide gamut IPS panels and they probably cost far north of 3 k USD (±)

BUT 800 USD for a 10 bit UHD display with sRGB is surely better then 1 k USD for an Apple 27" Cinema Display with sRGB and only 2560x1440 Pixel

Why not for now go with a 24" for $1000? Then you can get UHD and wide gamut and uniformity compensation and internal calibration. I'd way rather that for now than hold over with one of those cheap 28" UHD displays.

1st of all - none of the cheap UHD 60 Hz displays is really available. I definitely exclude the 28" DELL since UHD at 30 Hz is a no go for me for the main monitor.

?? I'm typing on one right now. Dell UP2414Q. It's UHD, wide gamut, IPS, internal calibration, screen uniformity compensator, cost me $1000 USD, and I have it hooked up at 60Hz as I type (EDIT: forgot this was the Mac forum though I'm typing on Windows at that moment and that is why it's 60Hz, it's true that I can't get my Mac to do over 30Hz at the moment, but that is not the monitor's fault. Apparently Mavericks will allow 60Hz for the retina approved Macs (hopefully others too such as my 2012 mini) very, very soon).

being able to read is a gift

so is mentioning that you totally ignore 24" monitors and decide that they don't count


I may quote: Optimal resolution: 3840 x 2160 at 30 Hz

The 28 inch Dell (currently the only affordable and purchasable >28 inch UHD display) can only reach 30 Hz and it is not IPS technology. UHD or 4k 60 Hz is no problem for MACss with suitable GPUs - which should be for legacy MACs a rare configuration. The late 2013 MAC PRO can of course supply much bigger resolutions.

Furthermore I'd totally exclude the 24 inch DELL UHD display - that's for my taste far too small and it makes for UHD (very IMHO) limited sense - if none - sure it's comparable cheap but it is 24 inches - the 27 inch I have now is near to perfection but 28-32 would be even more attractive plus UHD or even better WHXGA

Oh believe me UHD isn't remotely close to being limited, never mind very limited to worthless, on 24"! It's so night and day compared to my NEC PA241W (that I am about to sell). Side by side, believe me the difference is VERY clear.

Any larger and you are getting back to seeing the pixels more easily again unless you go even beyond UHD.

2ndly - I get more and more convinced that Apple might bing it's own solution. I hate saying that but sometimes it's better to wait a bit - especially in this case since the technology seems to be in a very early stage. So I reconfigured my budget and prioritized other "toys" and put the > UHD resolving monitor in October time frame.

Maybe, but when have they ever offered wide gamut? Or fancy internal LUTs? Or uniformity compensation? I'd go for a Dell or NEC or Eizo panel before Apple.

Eizo and NEC yes - DELL - no for my taste. If I'd wait until Eizo brings out an UHD or even WHXGA display > 28 inch, I might wait for the coming three or four years - Dell has only one super expensive UHD 32 inch wide gamut display - the other wide gamut displays come form other not mentioned companies like Sharp and LG and Samsung - I guess the days as great display manufactures of Dell, Eizo and NEC are more or less gone - it is now more then ever a question of time to market and scale of economy - DELL is btw an utterly boring manufacturer IMHO and there is no DELL OS out which could make the difference like the MAC OS does.

For me some 1500 EUR/USD are the upper limit for a display that I might use for three or four years. The used prices for displays are (outside of the Apple eco system) ridiculously low - thus I'd loose too much money.

I'd get for my 27 inch LED Cinema display currently 52 % of my purchasing price after four years of using it back from flip4new.de - but for a NEC or an expensive Eizo I am not even aware of a company that buys them with a fixed rate.

Softwre and hardware will be ready - who knows - maybe Apple really brings a curved Retina 30 inch Cinema Display - that would be really nice.

Maybe, but will it offer wide gamut and internal LUT and so on?

I don't know - but there are rarely any affordable ≥ 28 inch UHD displays available for purchasing with wide gamut und LUT and so on. (1)

True and I'd rather go 24-27" (some of the NEC PA27xW monitors have been an OK price) and get all that than go 30-32" and lose all of that myself.

I exclude all ≤ 27 inch displays from my wish list for UHD and resolutions beyond - do the math - the resolution of the human eye is somewhere at 1/60 ° - normal viewing distance on a regular desktop is something like close to two feet or > 50 cm - for 24 inches you have way too much pixels - for 28 inches it gets quite handy with the resolution and if you have more pixels the size must go up to fully utilize the extra pixels (if you don't want to get your nose on the screen).

I disagree. I'm looking at 1920x1200 and 3160x2160 on 24" and 24" side by side right now and the UHD is NOT at all lost on a 24" display. Looking back and forth the difference is ultra easily apparent, night and day apparent.

I am just thrilled by the idea to have a really sharp display instead of my iMac like 27 inch low res display. Exciting times!!

Indeed! Been waiting for this for years!

here we definitely agree!

(1) And so on surely means built in microphone, web-cam and excellent speakers maybe with subwoofer like in the current LED Cinema and Thunderbolt display plus Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 and a SDXC card reader. In that respect I'd expect from Apple more then from NEC, DELL or Eizo - in fact I'd expect from all other companies more then from these three in that respect. LG gets more and more attractive with their latest offering including Thunderbolt


Hmm I'd much rather they leave speakers out. They are gonna be junk. I'd rather not have money wasted on them puttng in speakers when you can better get what you want outside of the monitor.

Dell has card readers in some monitors now (seems awfully slow for USB 3.0 though, I gotta check I have the USB 3.0 drivers working for the connection).

Apparently the upcoming NEC EA242W UHD will have speakers and maybe card readers. Again too small for you though. AFAIK the only other UHD they are putting out this year will be a $$$$$ PA series in 30-32" or so. Maybe later in 2015 they will put out the 27-28" for a better price?

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