At what size of print out of D700 will show the same quality as that of D600.

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Re: +1 on printer calibration

Your exactly right Stacey. The method can be complex, calibrating across colour spaces, monitor, printer, scanner etc. Even then printed images often need to have more contrast than digitally displayed images, hence the varying profiles even though all your shots might come out of the same camera. This is why I would recommend something like a colour passport and precise white balance as a starting point for critical prints. To visually adjust all of this visually later is a tedious process and often still not as good as having the proper information from the beginning. For home printers I would suggest you ensure your print head is clean and in alignment. Even when you think your nozzles are clean, you might see a slight desaturated band at the start of the print, meaning that all the tiny inkjet droplets aren't hitting the paper. Even to this day I am not aware of a printer than can tell you if 100% of the droplets are being released. I spool and hold prints, so that before I print something large and important, the printer has already printed less critical documents and smaller images, giving the head a good clean without having to do a staged clean which dumps a lot of ink unnecessarily. Printing at home does have some great advantages for those of you who want to try it, every print can have a distinctively look and be finely tuned. So as you print across landscapes, HDR prints, portraits, macro etc. every image can be tuned to perfection. If you have ever seen a print you can almost fall into, you will understand what I am talking about.

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