How long have you used a single camera as your primary camera?

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How long have you used a single camera as your primary camera?

We all change, sell, acquire, etc. new cameras.  Most of us have a "primary" / "go-to" camera that is our companion for almost anything.  With that in mind, How long have you used that ONE camera as your primary camera?  To be considered primary, at >50% of your images should come from this camera.  Comments welcome on your experience.

For me, I've had the X100 since Nov 2011.  Since then I've added other X cameras, but that X100 is still my go-to camera of choice for travel, casual use and still sees at least 50% of my work. This is the longest I've used one camera as my main camera since my first DSLR in 2002 (Canon D30).

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Less than 6 months
5% 2  votes
6 months - 24 months
35% 14  votes
25 months - 36 months
15% 6  votes
37 months of longer
45% 18  votes
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