14mm pancake and MASSIVE purple fringing

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14mm pancake and MASSIVE purple fringing

ACR sharpening settings

The full scene with 14mm pancake on E-PM2: you can see the purple even at this small size

14mm pancake crop

14mm pancake crop, correct with global PF slider in ACR

Panasonic LX7 crop

Panasonic G5 with 9-18mm lens

Ricoh GR: Holy! That's SHARP!

The purpose of this post is to demonstrate the MASSIVE purple fringing that happens when you use the 14mm pancake on an Olympus camera. Even on a Panasonic camera it's a pretty mediocre lens, not as good as the kit lenses, but on an Olympus camera this lens just sucks.

In the second crop, you see what the photo looks like after using the global purple fringing slider in Adobe Camera Raw. It's a big improvement, but the correction has left with an area of desaturation along the left side of the building. This demonstrates how a heavy correction for PF is NOT without consequences. It's much better not to have any PF in the first place, or at least very little. (Not shown here, but the correction was also not without consequences in the tree branches, because it left behind a desaturated border.)

The Panasonic LX7 has the second-worst purple fringing, but it's vastly superior to the 14mm pancake. One should note that the LX7 only costs $299, which is less expensive than just the stinky 14mm pancake lens by itself.

The 9-18mm on the Panasonic G5 has absolutely zero purple fringing. A stunning performance.

Finally, there's the Ricoh GR. The Ricoh GR has just a slight bit of purple fringing, the second-best performance after the 9-18mm on the Panasonic G5. But HOLY! That's SHARP!

The lesson here is that if you want the ultimately sharp photos at a focal length equivalent to 28mm on a full frame camera, and you want the camera to fit in your pocket, the camera to buy is NOT an m43 camera with the horrible pancake lens, you want to buy a Ricoh GR.

If you just want the best outdoors photos you can get on an m43 camera, then you want to leave your Olympus cameras at home and use a Panasonic camera. Another benefit to the Panasonic G5 is that there is no shutter shock because it has an e-shutter. See my previous post about shutter shock:


The LX7 is almost as good as the G5 with the 9-18mm lens, better than the E-PM2 with the 14mm pancake lens, yet it only costs $299. An excellent performance.

* * *

So some may ask if it really matters that the photo taken with the 14mm pancake has some areas of desaturated color and is a little unsharp? "Stop pixel peeping" people may say. But it certainly matters if you think there's a problem that expensive m43 gear makes a photo that's technically inferior to a much less expensive LX7. If your'e not going to pixel peep, then why did you spend so much money on camera gear?

Olympus PEN E-PM2 Panasonic Lumix DMC-G5 Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX7
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