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Funny coincidence

I just noticed this thread after spending several thousand dollars on equipment from a major retailer. I'm talking studio lighting, lens, accessories, etc...

I took a whole day to test out the equipment and do some experimental test lighting. I was careful with composition, lighting, etc... and got some shots that seemed very decent but I wasn't thrilled.

Later in the afternoon, I went with my daughter to the mall, and happened to have a cheap point and shoot with me. I took several photos of her doing her usual antics, not expecting much (I've taken literally thousands of her to date). They turned out to be the best photos of the day and pretty much the year even.

I would say luck is so important in photography that it trumps everything - gear, confidence, and even, to some degree, skill (although all are also important).

As a final irony, had I had my DSLR with me, I could never have taken those shots due to technical factors. That is not to say that 90% of the time I wouldn't prefer to have a better/faster camera with me, because for sure that is nice. But this one instance, it was right camera, right subject, right time. (The right camera btw was a Nikon S6500, which usually performs horribly indoors and on fast moving subjects, and this was the case.)

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