The XF23mm f/1.4 is not for shy street photographers.... ;)

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Re: The XF23mm f/1.4 is not for shy street photographers.... ;)

Your thoughts are totally valid. A lot of people will tell you how to feel, based on how they feel or what they've experienced, as if it is some type of absolute truth. But you will have to find your own way.

Personally, I've taken my best compositions with small cameras. The 27mm basically lives these days on the X-E1 for this reason.

Lots of this also has to do with location. I travel a lot in the developing world. There are places where people don't mind smaller cameras but don't much like DSLRs with zooms being pointed at them. The camera does factor into the equation, not just the photographer, IMO. But again, don't let me or anyone else speak in absolutes that trump your personal experience photographing.

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