Geneva Motor Show: A77 meets Minolta colours (test shots & chasers)

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Re: Geneva Motor Show: A77 meets Minolta colours (test shots & chasers)

havoc315 wrote:

Michel J wrote:

Now open, thanks ! (100% shot available), wow Minolta and skin tones....

EDIT: 100% crop w/another interpretation of the WB, based on the ambient light:

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Amazing sharp with very good bokeh as well.

Thanks !

Surprised to see these indoor shots at ISO 100.

It is precisely because they are at ISO 100 that they are as good, I presume?!?!

Yeap! No secret, I shot on tripod (shutter speed was 1/40 for 100mm) this is the reason. (Only some I mentionned was handheld)

But may I ask how you were lighting?

I get ambiant light only, that was the goal of this first "real life test session" with this brand new A77.

Goal was also to get the best in-camera WB set. Now I can contradict all those kind folks who think that we can do whatever we want in PP shoting raw: it is not true. Then we had huge differences in K degrees from the main scene (and near). Nobody is able to remember what was the ambiant light, only based on a raw file and some shot on a color chart target. It's just impossible. It can work sometimes but not all the time.

My 0,02: today photography it's something very picky (with 24MP sensors APS-C). It's a permanent challenge to get excellence (and I'm far to get it in all situation... I'm learning). I think it's depending on a cumulation of different factors (choosing the good lens for your job, the use of the optimal from the available DR, mean perfect exposure, mean setup of the WB in-the-field, mean finding a good strategy about the available light (ambiant or not), mean specific workflow and so on...). I agree to use .RAW files, but not before having the skills to shoot perfectly with in-camera jpeg. Because that should help a lot, imho.

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