D4s still lacks wifi and gps!!!

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Re: yes GPS is pointless

mgblack74 wrote:

Does that happen often to you? Mistaking Alaska for India? You might need more than GPS my friend. I am amazed that you've been to these places, taken pictures there and, if not for GPS, you would have forgotten where you took them.
"You're guaranteed to miss 100% of the shots you don't take" - Wayne Gretzky

You really don't want the feature do you. Fortunately if it ever comes you can turn it off. For everyone else, unfortunately  right now they cant turn it on.

try an iphone. I can go to a map and find every photo i have taken from one location, instantly. This is massively useful when trying to find a Picture and saves me time. A massively useful feature then. Sadly i cannot do this for my thousands of carefully organised DSLR shots.

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