Olympus OM-D E-M10 or Sony A6000?

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Re: Olympus OM-D E-M10 or Sony A6000?

Jkim7 wrote:

Hey guys,

I'm trying to decide between these two mirror less cameras that have recently been announced. I'll be buying the camera mid-april and I was wondering which camera you guys would buy. I'm a beginner photographer so I thought I'd ask reddit.

Both seem to be at the exact same price point. The A6000 seems to have better specs while I guess the M43 system has more lens? I heard that E mount has enough lens and a wide variety also that there will be everything I need at similar prices to M43 lens, with similar quality.

Thank you!!

You can wait for DxOmark to review both cameras.

As a reference, DxO sensor ratings:

  • 16Mp EM-1 = 70
  • 24Mp Nex-7 = 81
  • 24Mp A7 = 90
  • 26Mp A7r = 95

The E-M10 has a touch screen, and is generally easiest to use, in part due to the shallower DOF. (Good) lenses cost about the same between the systems, and are fairly comparable. Both systems have likely more lenses that you can absorb immediately. If you like tele, there is more choice for the E-M10, if you like wide, the A6000 has an edge (including legacy and likely RF lenses).

If you plan to use it under low light, do get a fast lens, and pick the larger sensor - it makes a difference (=faster shutter times). AF difference between the E-M10 and A6000 are expected to be negligible (with the proper lens).

Also, check the EVF - the A6000 is Nex-6/7 (ie. E-M1) like, the E-M10 has a much smaller viewing area.

You are asking on a Sony forum - many of us (I am) are getting the A6000 - does that say enough?

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