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Re: RAF file sizes

Unrelated question: In LR 4.4, is the lens profile for the X100 okay to use with the X100S? It seems to offer improvements by clearing up some distortion.

NOOOO. Don't do this. Fuji X cameras other than the original X100 have embedded distortion correction information in the RAW file that is read and applied by LR without a profile. If you apply a profile to an X100S shot it will distort the image from its corrected state.

Oddly though, distortion correction isn't applied to WCL-X100 RAW files, even if selected in menu. A fuji "quirk" if ever I saw one.

This is not true: I doubt that they are present, but also if these data are embedded in the Fuji RAF files, LR or Adobe Raw do not use them to apply correction to the lens image. Only Fuji do this, in camera, while processing the photo to output it's JPGs.


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