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Re: Best small compact camera

Travolta wrote:


I'm looking for a small compact camera for my father. I own a RX100 and this is too big for him. My initial thought was the Canon S110/S120 but it might be too big.

What else should I recommend? He will be using it as a real point and shoot and his only request is that it is small.

Is the WX300 a good choice? Other recommendations?

The RX100 is the best compact you can buy.  The smaller cameras have very small sensor and don't come close to the quality of the RX100.  They will be okay in daylight, but very poor in indoors and at night the noise is atrocious.

I can't recommend a particular brand or model, just make sure it has in-lens optical stabilization (that will let you use lower ISO and reduce noise).  Beyond that there is not much difference in the quality of them.  I do have a preference for Canon, but having used Sony and Nikons before, it really didn't make much of a difference.

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