using a sto-fen for high ISO P-TTL pictures

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kikivrany Veteran Member • Posts: 3,710
using a sto-fen for high ISO P-TTL pictures


This thread should only show, how helpfulf a Sto-Fen Omni bounce can sometimes be for high ISO P-TTL flash pictures.

That's what I mean: a Sto-Fen Omni bounce, here on my Pentax 360 flash

When you like to include the ambience light in your indoor flash picture, it end up that you need often a high ISO.

Now when you use also the flash direct orientated for the picture, it can happens that your flash go out of it's regularly range, and this can happens earlier than you may think.

I hope you don’t mind my usual boring test pictures:

Here I included the ambience light of the little desk lamp. The ISO is not that high.

Now the same picture with the same stings, but now it looks a little overexposed:

The only different in this pictures are that the first was made with a Sto-fen on the flash, the second not.

What we see is that without the sto-fen, which would damped the power, the flash start to get out of it’s min. regularly range, and with the sto-fen the flash can be held still in it’s regularly range.

To demonstrate this a little better, I use now ISO 6400. For that the ambience light do not cause a overexposure, I did switch off the desk lamp:

With sto-fen:

Without sto-fen:

BTW: the first picture in this thread was made with the pop up flash. This little power flash can still be regulated at high ISO’s, like you can see.

best regards kikivrany

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