D4s still lacks wifi and gps!!!

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yes GPS is pointless

GPS is mostly pointless for folks that do not step out of their 1mile permanent living radius.

oh for them i wonder what the point of having D4 is either

Edit: shots added for example. Thanks to GPS on my DSLR's I am able to know exactly where I shot this in

Canyon Lands area

Where I shot this in Glaciar National Park

Where I took this in Alaska while camping in Denali NP

Where I took this in Badlands

Or in India

oh wait.. I don't know where I took this.. since I did not have my GPS

anyway.. having a GPS helps, especially when the info is in the exif

mgblack74 wrote:

I don't understand why you need GPS? We've figured out where we are by maps for many hundreds of years.

Wifi? Consumer models refresh every year, wifi tech progresses with it. The little units that come in the D5300 or accessories for the D3200 & D5200 are anemic at best. Meant to upload 24mp DX photos to your phone or tablet one every 5 seconds. These are too slow for the data that the D4/s needs to put into the webisphere.

Consider also that if the wifi part built in a D4s fizzles, then what? Send it in for repair for a part of the camera unrelated to taking pictures? Sure you can send it in during down time but how many events or gigs have gone by without the ability to send files wirelessly? The external wifi devices make sense for this class of camera (Dprobody). If it dies, you resort to plan B... LAN. You can keep shooting and just get another wifi unit without loss of time without the camera.

If someone is going to have a D4s for a few years it is possible that wifi tech evolves to become faster and smaller independant of the body it's meant to work with. I'd rather upgrade wifi thingamees than the whole cameras. As it is now we upgrade a body to get different resolution and low light performance properties. Imagine the uproar when a D5s comes out with improved internal wifi capability. People are bemoaning the D4s processor increase which is pretty integral to the photographic experience. I.e. It's the 2nd most important part of the camera. Imagine the uproar when a $15 tech boost means a $1000 price increase for a successive model.

Besides. Wifi built in is just something else the NSA can tap into.
"You're guaranteed to miss 100% of the shots you don't take" - Wayne Gretzky

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