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Re: Jerry, Krugman and others...

Hi Jerry 
I'm glad you enjoyed the commentary under my images.  It's the old teacher in me that just has to let people know what they are seeing and where.   I've been going to Italy almost yearly since the mid 70's, and have hauled my SRL's, and later dSLR's on all those trips, plus an extra camera body (in case of camera failure, having had that happen in SLR days). Joint surgery in both wrists 3 years ago made me lighten my load.  My favorite travel gear of all times was the 7D / 24-105, but that was more than I can comfortably handle all day on a trip, so I lightened my load to (now) the G1X and Sl1. This is a great travel combofor me.

I have the 18-135 STM as well as the 18-55, but have never felt the need for a lens longer than the 18-55 in Italy, having been there quite often, as I know how narrow the streets are in most places, and how monumental the architecture.  So I'm a happy camper with this lighter load.  Less is definitely more for some of us !

I'm sure you know that as of the past few years, most all of the state owned museums  in Italy, (and some churches),  no longer allow any photography at all. A few also require checking of all bags at the entrance.   Several reasons  for this are traffic control (photographers occupy too much time in front of works of art), people who don't know how to turn off flash, (both intrusive and damaging to works of art), careless photographers with big bags who back into fragile works of art, copyright laws , both of both museums and lenders of works of art to museums, and so on.  I respect those laws, but am glad that you can still photograph with no flash or tripods  in the Vatican  (except for Sistine Chapel), and in the Museo del Duomo in Florence (only sculpture),though when the new Duomo museum opens (expected in 2015) I suspect it will also allow no photography,

Bottom line, most of my Italy travel photography is now outdoors, but there's plenty of photo ops  there too. I love Paris because you can still photograph in the Louvre and Pompidou, both of which have nice light, though often varying n different areas, with everything from natural light to mixed florescent and incandescent, and all kinds in between !

Too much here, but thought I'd mention some of the newer museum photo rules.  Hope you get to go back again soon! .... and thanks for your nice reply!


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