D4s still lacks wifi and gps!!!

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Josh152 wrote:

That some events won't let in in with a wifi device and that there are different laws and regulations for wifi and gps in different countries and so Nikon would have to make different versions of the bodies for different countries including some that dont' have the GPS and Wifi due to import restrictions. Because of the comparative low volume sales, it may not be profitable for Nikon to have to make different versions like that.

Is this true or a myth? The GPS and Wi-Fi in my phone work in every country - I don't need to get a different phone when I travel. Do Nikon sell different versions of their add-on GPS and wi-fi units in different countries?

How do Canon manage to include these things on the lowly 6D?

As for events, would the security guards at events know that your camera had built in wi-fi? If you turned it off, it would also be undetectable.

Canon makes a 6D without wifi so it can't be a myth. Since the "lowly 6D" is cheaper therefore having a higher sales volume, and has very stiff competition from the D610 it maybe worth have the different versions for that particular camera. As far as phones go they are probably subject to different regulations made specifically for them. You could maybe sneak a wifi camera in the certain events but for other, more sensitive commercial and government things, that won't fly at all.

It could also be that the all metal construction of the D4 makes having built in wifi more difficult. Either way Nikon clearly made a very conscious choice not to put wifi in the D4. I am sure they have a good reason for doing so as there is clearly demand for such a feature and it would give them one up on Canon if they did. Speaking of Canon who have been putting wifi in more cameras and for longer than Nikon has they didn't put it in the 1DX either. Which makes me think there is a good reason why these types of cameras don't have it.

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