At what size of print out of D700 will show the same quality as that of D600.

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Re: At what size of print out of D700 will show the same quality as that of D600.

The D700 will be just fine at that size. For everyone else printing quality is more complex than the simple mathematics would suggest. I did some tests a while ago and the results were surprising. These were done on a Epson 4880, A2 size, UltraChrome K3 inks (8) on premium Epson Glossy photopaper. I noticed improvements all the way to 360x360 dpi, from there on you would have needed extremely sharp vision and time to study the nuances across the tonal range (at about 5 inches or 125mm viewing distance. Images from a D800E. Sure its a close viewing distance but as you might suspect people do put there nose right up to the print when they love a photo. I concluded that 720 x 720 dpi would probably be the most resolution required by just about anyone other than fussy fine art exhibitors.

Post processing technique, colour and printer calibration, fresh ink and the right paper can all make a big difference before you even worry about the sensor capacity in the camera. Printer calibration is probably the biggest hitter, all things being equal. For a rough idea, divide the cameras largest image dimensions by 360 and that will give you a good indication of the printing potential (FX cameras).

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