D4s still lacks wifi and gps!!!

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Re: D4s still lacks wifi and gps!!

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This camera is designed basically for the working professional who captures action subjects. The design has had input from many professionals within the fields it will be used for. They don't need wifi and gps and they didn't want it. Its a working mostly still life camera.


"People don't know what they want until you show it to them"

Steve Jobs

perhaps nikon should use at a few less focus groups

That quote is appropriate for Nikon's non-pro offerings but I would prefer they listen to their customers MORE often with the Dx and prosumer cameras.

Even for Apple the quote isn't very appropriate for their recent professional products (Final Cut, Aperture, Mac Pro).

The problem is most people when asked what they want will say more of the same, faster, better dr, better high iso... These are obvious iterations. , most people cannot imagine or see the benefit of an entirely new feature, unless it is shown to them in detail, so if you rely on focus groups too much you will never innovate and only ever iterate.

this thread is a perfect example with many people wary unable to understand the Benefit of WIFI, and giving the oddest reasons for no wanting it in cameras.

nikon will need to innovate to remain competative.

I agree that Nikon needs to innovate to remain competitive, but not in the pro space right now. The D4 or D4s are very competitive with the Canon 1Dx. I don't think the target audience for these cameras is looking for large changes.

The D800 is not matched in Canon's offerings, though I wish it were so that Nikon would be forced to innovate on its successor.

I've owned a D4, and will probably now pickup a D4s, but what I would really like is a 24-30 MP camera in the D4s body that shoots around 8 fps in full resolution. I would like integrated wi-fi and GPS (not sure why so many argue against these features--see Olympus OMD-EM1 for a similar camera to the D4 that includes a lot of useful features) as well as a radio flash triggering system. I'd prefer dual XQD slots and I'd like to see a single button that would quickly toggle between settings banks (replacing the QUAL button would work).

Overall I agree that Nikon (and Canon) need to push forward with new features in their DSLR lines in order to stay ahead of the market moving away from these types of camera systems.

It would impress me greatly for Nikon to take a chance on big changes to the D5 series, perhaps with a conservative upgrade along with a more forward thinking one which would include a hybrid OVF/EVF as well as automatic AF tuning.

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